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Our culture

Asesores Financieros


We have assembled a select team of professionals and advisors to deliver the best wealth

and corporate advisory experience to our clients.


Building your financial future


We want to change the way people and companies manage their wealth and finance in Spain, in order to be fairer and more accessible, without any commercial bias, seeking a complete alignment of interests with clients. Our work is the result of our corporate culture and collective experience, with more than 20 years in the industry, creating value for our clients and investors. The continuous learning, deep analysis, curiosity and innovation are features that define us.

Ethics, professionality, attitude, approach, effort, hard work, dedication, improvement, commitment, honesty, loyalty, respect, patience, trust, veracity, goals, listening, sacrifice, feedback, planning, motivation, vision, strategy, team, value and passion, are key concepts and human values we share, allowing us a permanent customer care.

Our Founder & Managing Partner


  • desiree
    About Desirée
    She is an Administration, Control and Compliance specialist at Cross Capital. She has solid knowledge in accountancy and corporate tax matters.
    Desirée Figueroa Adrian
    He is mathematician and has a master degree in Quantitive Finance by AFI Business School. He has been part of Treasury Department in Santander Bank where he specialized in derivative valuation and Market Risk. He is passionate about working in project and companies finance modelling.
    Francisco Javier Reyes Sánchez
    She is a Communication and Digital Marketing specialist with experience in consulting. She joins our team from Fintech world where she has worked in leading companies in digital consumer lending.
    Cristina Jerez Jiménez
    He has specialized in funds and ETFs analyses and selection. He has started the development of his professional career at Cross Capital. He also holds a B.A. in Accounting and Finance by the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) and he can't hide his passion for financial markets.
    Puneet Vaswani


Cross Capital’s advisors have a proven experience and share the goal of putting clients first.

For us it’s important to attract some of the best talents. For the client, it translates into the confidence of knowing that means access to the experience, knowledge and innovation of a select group of experts.

Providing the attention our clients deserve, is beyond the capacity of any one individually. It requires the combined efforts of a team working together, characterized by the level of engagement and expertise we deliver.

Cross Capital’s team has the talent and experience our clients need to achieve their wealth management and corporate goals.

We’ve been working since 1997 in the main domestic and international financial markets. Cross Capital mantains a close and active relationship with top investment banks, private banking entities, asset management companies, brokers and some prestigous investment boutiques.

Working for prior firms, the team has handled investment portfolios for € 20.000 million AUM and placed a great variety of debt instruments in the capital markets for over € 10.000 million, generating relevant profits. In addition, it has a solid relationship with institutional domestic and foreign investors.

Cross Capital works with an external network of collaborators, who are experimented independent professionals engaged in complementary activities to the financial advisory, as law and tax firms, consultants, banking, etc, who are committed to partnering with our team helping them to drive the success of our advisory mandates.

  • “We accumulate more than 15 years of experience in the domestic and international capital markets sector, as we also do in corporate finance.”.

  • “We don’t just offer the best products for each risk profile and return objective, but we find tailor-made solutions for each client.”.

  • “Our goal is not to engage thousands of clients, but to make sure they are well advised.”.

  • “In Cross Capital we have proposed ourselves to partner companies, families and individuals to build their financial future.”.