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We are specialized in Wealth Management and Corporate Finance,
with the unique objective of fulfilling in the best way our client’s needs.

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Our Values

We are characterised by solid values and principles, to build long term relationships.

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Independence and Integrity

Freedom of opinion and absense of conflicts of interests.

Excelence and specialization

We offer strategic vision, working skills and transaction execution capacity.


We offer a clear and reliable access to the information.

Proximity and Reliability.

We express our own and objective opinion in order to find the best solution for our clients.

Experience and teamwork

Advisory from the joint experence of our team.


The confidentiality is an unnegotiable value for
Cross Capital.

Cross Capital Experience

An overview of our collective experience by transaction type includes: 

Some engagements were completed by CROSS CAPITAL team members at prior firms.

All Operations
Capital Markets
Debt Advisory & Restructuring
Fairness opinions & valuations
Mergers & Acquisitions
Strategic Advisory
  • Consumer and Distribution
    DECEMBER 2014 | Corporate holding, reference in the textile sector in Canary Islands.

    Finance restructuring.
  • Energy and Infrastructures 232
    MAY 2008 | Company of Light-rail in Canary Islands.

    Co-leads of the Structured Finance in Public-Private Partnership format, instrumented by sindicated loan and guaranteed funding, destinated to the ampliation of the activity (ampliation of the current lines and the construction of new lines).
  • Health 12
    JULY 2007 | Leading Private Group of Hospitals and Medical Services.

    Co-Lead arranger of the Sindicated Loan in Club Deal format for Leading Private Group of Hospitals and Medical Services, destinated to a Sale & Lease Back transaction on a real state asset.
  • Tourism 1,2
    MAY 2012 | Medium sized spanish hotels group reference in holiday hotels.

    Co-arranger of the financial reestructuring instrumented via a syndicated loan.
  • Corporate Real State
    MARCH 2015 | Family Office, reference in state investments.

    Financial advisory for the development of a geriatric and health residence in Tenerife.
  • Tech, Media and Telecoms 1
    DECEMBER 2015 | Society for the Regional Economic Development.

    Advisory for the financial viability Analysis of a R&D technological project.
  • Industry 15
    JULY 2009 | Leading company in the cement sector in Canary Islands.

    Structured acquisition of the company and funding of the transaction in a Club Deal format.
  • Financial Service +50
    MARCH 2009 | Bancassurance transaction among two spanish companies.

    Financial analysis, contractual documents revisión and coordination of the deal execution.
  • Wealth 45
    PERIOD 2013-2016 | Discretionary Fixed Income Portfolios.
  • Public Institution 50
    JULY 2014 | Co-arranger of the first Debt Issuance in the Capital Markets by the Canary Government under the FLA regime.
  • Wealth 27
    PERIOD 2013-2016 | Portfolios of investment funds (multi-manager).
  • Wealth 7
    PERIOD 2008-2011 | Board Member of a spanish Asset Management firm.
  • Wealth 22
    PERIOD 2013-2016 | Sicavs.
  • Wealth 3,5
    PERIOD 2010-2012 | Director of an Asset Management integrated in a spanish financial institution group.
  • Public Institution 100
    PERIOD 2013-2015 | Ongoing Advisory to the regional public institutions for the devolpment and implementation of Funding Lines for SMEs.
  • Financial Service +10
    PERIOD 1997-2012 | Debt issuance and placement of different instruments in the domestic and international capital markets.

    Origination, structuring, documentation elaboration, road-show and coordination of the deal execution and placement.
  • Industry 50
    PERIOD 2005-2010 | Lease of ships for leading maritime companies.

    Co-investment in financial structures for the Tax-Lease of Ships with flagging in Canary Islands.
  • Corporate Real State 57
    NOVEMBER 2013 | Corporate holding, reference in financial and real state investments.

    Financial advisory and project control for the development of a Sainsbury’s commercial mall in United Kingdom.
  • Tourism 108
    FEBRUARY 2010 | Leading shipping company for passengers and cargo in Canary Islands.

    Co-advisory in Debt Restructuring of the company.
  • Health 11
    MAY 2003 | Leading Private Group of Hospitals and Medical Services.

    Sindicated Credit in Club Deal format managed by the IFC (International Finance Corporation – World Bank) destinated to finance the company’s expansion in Caribbean and Mexico.
  • Energy and Infrastructures 120
    FEBRUARY 2007 | Port Authority of the Island.

    Lead arranger of the Sindicated Loan in Club Deal format in favour of Ports of Tenerife, destinated to finance partially it’s 5 years Investment Plan.
  • Consumer and Distribution 3
    MARCH 2010 | Corporate holding, reference in the supermarkets sector in Canary Islands.

    Sale of participation in Syndicated Loan to an Investment Bank.
  • Consumer and Distribution 61
    FEB 2009 | Corporate holding
    reference in the automobile sector in Canary Islands.

    Finance reestructuring instrumented via a Sindicated Loan, treasury Line of Credit and import/export Line of Credit.
  • Energy and Infrastructures 127
    APRIL 2004 | Company of Light-rail in Canary Islands.

    Sindicated Loan via guarantee issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB).
  • Tourism 6
    JUNE 2009 | Leading shipping company for cargo in Canary Islands and with Spanish mainland.

    Co- arranger of the syndicated loan for corporate purposes.
  • Public Institution +200
    PERIOD 2000-2012 | Investor seeking and roadshow for investment Projects.
  • Public Institution +500
    PERIOD 2000-2012 | Financial restructuring for public administration and companies.
  • Wealth +1
    PERIOD 1997-2010 | Global Investment Portfolio Management for a Financial Institution: money markets, fixed income, equities, mutual funds, sicavs, private equity, syndicated loans and non-listed companies.
  • Wealth +15
    PERIOD 2010-2012 | Global Investment Portfolio Management for a listed Financial Institution: money markets, fixed income, equities, mutual funds, sicavs, private equity and syndicated loans.
  • Public Institution +300
    PERIOD 2005-2012 | Advisory for Private-Public Partnerships (PPP’s) / Financial advisory for concessional Projects.
  • Tourism 11
    NOVEMBER 2006 | Spanish hotels group reference in business hotels.

    Co- arranger of the syndicated loan for corporate purposes.
  • Public Institution 75
    PERIOD 2009-2012 | Public Services Companies Valuation and Definition.
  • Tourism 72
    OCTOBER 2004 | Five Stars Hotel Resort in Canary Islands.

    Sole MLA of the syndicated loan for to finance one of the most relevant hotel resorts in Fuerteventura.
  • Public Institution +500
    PERIOD 2000-2012 | Arranger and co-arranger of the RIC Public Debt issues by the Canary public institutions for more tan 10 years.
  • Wealth 1
    PERIOD 2010-2012 | Management of the Private Banking portfolio of clients for a financial institution with growing objectives.
  • Public Institution 200
    PERIOD 2010-2012 | Advisory for the definition of the european funding facilities (JEREMIE, JESSICA).
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In Cross Capital we are willing to share our expertise to help you find financial solutions which best suits your wealth or corporate needs.

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